RC Cannes

Naming RC Cannes 'The French Champions' does them little justice. A more fitting portrayal of Cannes would be 'the club that has dominated French women’s volleyball for decades.'

Since 1995 they have won all but one Ligue National de Volley championship title. They have lifted the trophy 17 consecutive seasons from 1998 to the present. Their French Cup history is much the same with 18 titles since 1996, however they lost their title this year in the final against Es Cannet-Rocheville.

Cannes’ success also stretches outside the borders of France. The club won the CEV Champions League twice in a row back in 2002 and 2003. They had two more chances to come back to France with the Champions League title but lost in the finals in 2006 and 2012.


Current Players

Setters: Letizia Camera; Margaux Bouzinac

Opposites: Marika Bianchini; Nadia Kodola

Outside Hitters: Sanja Bursac; Alexandra Lazic

Middle-blockers: Myriam Kloster; Lucille Gicquel; Sara Hutinski

Liberos: Deborah Ortschitt; Victorya Delros

Coach: Yan Fang

Club Information

Country: France

City/Town: Cannes

Venue: Palais des Victoires

Honours: CEV Champions League Winners 2002 & 2003, French National League Winners 2015

Website: www.rccannes.com

Players to Watch

RC Cannes will rely on a much younger team this season, with experienced veteran players including American superstar Logan Tom and club-legend Victoria Ravva having left. New additions with plenty of club and international experience have signed with the club, making the Italians Letizia Camera and Marika Bianchini ones to watch.